Friday, October 2, 2015


"... I can't believe someone would do this."

“This doesn’t help us build a better policy, it just enflames issues and forces people to take sides.” (, 10-1-15)

So said Mary Ann Baldwin in response to an ad placed in the News & Observer's Wednesday local news section by Dean Debnam's Wake Citizens for Good Government PAC. 

So what is Mary Ann Baldwin's standard for building "a better policy?"

"Baldwin on Friday posted a photo on Facebook of her Maltese-Yorkie mix. The dog named for "Jack Bauer," the anti-terror agent from the TV show "24," is relieving himself on a marble column outside the North Carolina General Assembly.

The Democratic councilwoman concedes the image is undiplomatic, but suggests it is emblematic of the Republican-dominated body's treatment of the state's citizens.
"I figured, what better way to get my frustration across than with humor?” Baldwin said." (, 3-15-13)

The News & Observer describes Baldwin as "Baldwin, 58, is a marketing and communications specialist." (N&O, 9-22-15)
Yes, having your dog urinate on the side of the NC General Assembly helps "build a better policy." What we would expect from a "marketing and communications specialist."