Friday, September 11, 2015


Earlier this week the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce honored outgoing President and CEO Harvey Schmitt with their 2015 A.E. Finley Distinguished Service Award. 

As reported by the Triangle Business Journal, Harvey Schmitt took to the podium and among other comments stated:

"Your chamber is the primary advocate for prosperity in our community. It is not ideologically extreme and advocates for practical solutions and investments that make it a livable, affordable and attractive to world class talent. That's our value proposition."

"... not ideologically extreme ..." 

"... practical solutions ..."

Let's go back a few years and look at Mr. Schmitt's "not ideologically extreme" and "practical solutions" while head of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce:

"With the Wake school board elections two weeks away, add Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce President Harvey Schmitt to those warning about the potential dangers of abandoning the diversity policy."

News & Observer - Chamber leader touts Wake school diversity policy, 9-21-09

and ... 

A day before voters decide among candidates for four seats on the Wake County Board of Education, a group of community leaders spoke in support of the school system's socioeconomic diversity policies.

School board member Keith Sutton introduced a group calling itself "The Friends of Diversity" at a Monday morning news conference. Among those at in attendance were Knightdale Mayor Russell Killen, Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce President Harvey Schmitt, developer Smedes York and Jim Goodmon, president and chief executive of Capitol Broadcasting Co., the parent company of WRAL. - Battle wages over school diversity policy on election eve, 10-5-09

and ...

"You have to constantly resell the principles underlying the system," said Harvey Schmitt, president of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. 

News & Observer - Commitment to diversity faces hurdles, 4-14-03

and ...

Viewpoint: Business leaders approve of Wake's policy. By ensuring quality across the school system, economic balance helps Wake County develop evenly.
Harvey Schmitt is president and CEO of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.
"The diversity practices contribute to more uniform performance among schools everywhere in the county. That means people know they can live almost anywhere and have access to a good school.
It's not in our county's interest to abandon a system that's working."
Q: The coalition of leaders that has long been committed to diversity sometimes seems a bit fragile. What are the long-term prospects?
"A: The system we have requires trade-offs that impact people in a real way with reassignments, and that creates an environment that can foster discontent."

News & Observer - School diversity: Why keep trying?, 1-11-09

Harvey Schmitt - just a "non-ideological extremist" who used Wake County's children in a failed socio-economic diversity experiment.