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Here's the title to the News & Observer article:

No faulting the WakeUp Wake County Board of Education on this one however. The issue revolves around Grubhub and Uber Eats delivering food options to WakeUp Wake County Public School School System students. Policies should exist for strangers entering school property during school hours. 

But that's not the issue. 

As the title above states, "Students just love getting lunch delivered to school." And why you may ask?


“I tried the food at school once and it was really gross so I started ordering or bringing my own food, just like small snacks,” said Kriselle Kolek, 17, a senior at Leesville Road High School in Raleigh. “If that didn’t fill me up I’d order from Bojangles’ or McDonald’s.” 

Throughout the Wake County school system, high school seniors and in some cases juniors are allowed to go off campus to get lunch. It’s done mainly because cafeterias can’t accommodate all the students if they stayed on campus.

The underclassmen though don’t want to be left out, so the food delivery apps have been an option. 

Kian Kolek, 17, a sophomore at Leesville, said he’s had McChicken sandwiches from McDonald’s and Cajun filet sandwiches from Bojangles’ delivered to the school.

“The food on campus is terrible,” Kian Kolek said. “It’s dry, it’s crusty, it’s disgusting. ... It’s nasty and the food that they bring is better.”

N&O, 12-18-19

And in walks everyone's favorite Wake schools patriarch - Angie Scioli. The concept of her students eating food that's "dry, crusty, disgusting" totally evades her. But not the fact that someone may offer a viable option. In her own words: 

These fast food restaurants and delivery companies have worked for years with schools, non-profits, camps, etc. to provide successful meal options. They do it well. Instead of exploring any cooperative arrangement with outside vendors, Scioli sees only one option - kill anything that jeopardizes the status quo. It's why thousands of parents have sought options outside of the WakeUP Wake County Public School System. 

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Sunday, November 17, 2019


This fall the Triangle Government Alliance sent mailers attacking Raleigh City Council member David Cox. The purpose? To help aid the campaign of Brian Fitzsimmons. 

But who decided that sending out mailers to Republicans that attack Donald Trump was wise? You trashed the President to Republican voters in that campaign. David Cox had plenty of non-conservative votes that would have made for an ideal mailer. 

Bush League

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Affordable housing/gentrification probably dominated the Raleigh political debate this fall more than any other topic. 

During the ad-nauseam discussion one small quote in the News & Observer stood out more than any other.

“To me, gentrification, though it has its negative connotations, is part of the healthy cycle in a city,” he said.

N&O, 5-4-19

Who said this? None other than Charles Meeker - the Democrat Raleigh Mayor from 2001 to 2011.

"Gentrification" is "Healthy." I'll let you read into that what you will. May I suggest that many in SE Raleigh would consider that grossly racist. It would seemingly suggest that SE Raleigh was sick and getting young, white, hip, urban folks in would be the medicine it needs. Rather than repair the existing heart, SE Raleigh would receive a new, "cooler" heart. 

Charles Meeker and his progressive downtown elite have lauded the "transformation" of downtown Raleigh - with investments that will total over a billion dollars made into downtown Raleigh and the surrounding area. Meeker made substantial investments for downtown urban young whites - free bus services while Southeast Raleigh African-American residents faced increases; Fayetteville Street re-opening; Red Hat Amphitheater; Convention Center; Moore Square; and Dix Park. The list goes on and on. Chavis Park will open in time for the gentrifiers to enjoy it. 

It's also worth noting the Meeker family has a personal financial investment in its success. Charles Meeker's son has bars that depend upon this young urban white population thriving in downtown Raleigh. 

The Indy article "Three Raleigh friends have found that beer makes good communities" is well worth a read. 

During this same time while Meeker put in place the gentrification of SE Raleigh, the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association - the African-American political voice for SE Raleigh, heavily courted his financial support. 

And Meeker came through for them.

In relation to the items below, we note the associated campaign finance shenanigans by Meeker and SE Raleigh's African-American voice. 

The point is this - SE Raleigh spent years cozying up to Meeker & Co. while he put the pieces in place to gentrify SE Raleigh. If you want to play Democrat politics in SE Raleigh, that's fine. At the municipal level and beyond, SE Raleigh's political leadership should become more savvy. I know many Republicans would welcome a constructive dialogue. 

But to bemoan gentrification now, well, doesn't get much sympathy. In the words of Tina Turner, "You got what you wanted, now you don't want what you got." 

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