Monday, January 8, 2018


Sometimes the mainstream media's problem is not with the story's underlying bias but the placement of it. 

This past week, the News & Observer provided a textbook example of this. 

This past Thursday, the News & Observer featured two Raleigh stories on page 3A. One story covered Raleigh's implementation of police body cameras. It's an issue the Raleigh City Council has pursued for close to two years - bowing to Black Lives Matter and PACT (Police Accountability Community Task Force). Raleigh will spend close to $5 million over the next three years on this program. 

Pretty big deal one would think. Probably worthy of front page coverage. But no, it's featured on page 3A - at the bottom with not enough space for the whole story which carries over to another page. 

The other story? It's the one featured right above the story on police body cameras. It was of such critical importance that they crowded out the policy body cameras story so they could make space for the entire article on page 3A. 

That critical importance? Jenna Cooper, some girl from Raleigh, got the first rose on "The Bachelor."

And the N&O wonders why readership has dropped. Most folks can buy more entertaining tabloid trash in the check out line.  

Saturday, September 16, 2017


John Burns' government pizza will run you $15. The private sector can provide that for much less

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Warning: This post contains very adult content not suitable for children. 

For the last month an issue from Durham and across the nation has captivated Raleigh City Council Elections - even surpassing citizen engagement. 

A statue commemorating the lives of dead Confederate soldiers. 

This story is not about monuments. 

However, the issue flows into the much larger issue of "ugly" development in Raleigh and the removal of it. 

Over the last several months, a Raleigh City Council member has jumped on the issue of ugliness on Capital Blvd.

He notes the "video contains content that some viewers might find disturbing." Instead of pointing out the lawless activity and vandalism in the video, he uses it to show how not-pretty the building looks. No evidence in the video of illegal activity occurring, homelessness, drug use, etc. Some graffiti yes. But it just does not meet his pretty standard. 

He considers it a "blight on the City" and a "nuisance hotel."

What doesn't arise to the same level of concern among him and other city leaders? The City Studios Inn and Suites that's basically across the street. No it's not abandoned, looks okay from the street, no chain link fence surrounding the property. Meets the pretty factor. A simple google search reveals much more:

Stabbing, shooting, heroin, cocaine, child sex trafficking. 

But it looks acceptable on the outside. 

This represents a prime example of the problem with Raleigh's current "progressive" leadership. Capital Boulevard is the most traveled gateway into downtown Raleigh. They want it to have "curb appeal." "Content appeal" is really not an issue. Just redo it so everyone can look at pretty trees and postmodern buildings while sipping on coffee during their drive. 

But let's go further into the ugly factor. 

We sincerely doubt these ads for "adult services" are from an abandoned hotel on Capital Blvd. But these are hidden from view. They won't create visual displeasure during your morning or afternoon drive. 

But let's go even further. 

Not sure it offends us, but sure it's ugly, a waste of tax dollars and should be moved to a more suitable location. But conservatives (including us) have focused on this for years in error. 

Head north on Capital Boulevard and across the street you will see this:

Castle Video & "More"

We cannot confirm any activity occurring at this location, nor have have we requested any police logs. Internet forums suggest the following:

And just down the street from Castle Video & More on Capital is:

Adult Super Center

Again, we cannot confirm any activity occurring at this location, nor have we requested any police logs. Internet forums suggest the following: 

There's much more, but this conveys the point well enough. 

Several areas mentioned lie in David Cox's district. The other area lies in Corey Branch's district.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Uses your money to show she cares about Wake County's poor. 


It's been eight years since the landmark Wake County Board of Education 2009 elections. WakeUp Wake County's sub-organization, Great Schools (not students) in Wake, is still calling Wake County families racists.