Saturday, November 14, 2020


Before diving into this article's point, let's highlight a program the NC General Assembly enacted: Opportunity Scholarship Program. "The Opportunity Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance of up to $4,200 per year for awarded students who enroll in a participating nonpublic school." Worth noting - "This program is income-based."

Two takeaways here - "nonpublic" and "income-based."

To say that the left strongly objects to this program would be extremely charitable. On the state level, they continue launching legislative and legal challenges to take away opportunities for poor families to have an alternative to a failing public school.

Keith Poston - now head of the Wake Education Partnership - hosted televised interviews attacking the program. In a 2018 interview, Poston attacked school choice and competition. In this 2017 News & Observer op-ed Poston regurgitates progressive talking points on opportunity scholarships. Bob Luebke with the Civitas Institute addressed these faulty assumptions.

And now?

“This is not a cost parents planned on,” said Keith Poston, president of WakeEd Partnership. It’s been very difficult for parents trying to go to their workplaces or work from home while juggling their children’s virtual-learning schedules, he said. This new program will give them some relief, he said.

Poston references Wake County's new "WakeSUPPORTS" program. "WakeSUPPORTS provides funding to working parents, so they can afford to pay for their kindergartners through sixth graders to attend virtual school at a safe location with reliable oversight, or receive before and after school care."

"What type of childcare facilities or organizations qualify for WakeSupports coverage?
Licensed childcare facilities and unlicensed community-based organizations (CBO) that are registered with the N.C. Division of Child Development and Early Education are eligible to participate in this program."

Yes, you are correct. That means that Wake County Public tax dollars could go to private/religious organizations - and with the full support of the progressive Democrat Wake County Commissioners.

“COVID-19 has already stretched household budgets thin, and we don’t want parents to have to choose between earning a living and giving their children the care they need,” said Greg Ford, chairman of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, in a news release. “That’s why today we’re launching a new program called WakeSUPPORTS – to make it easier to afford child care and remote learning supervision.”

No difference between this and opportunity scholarships - just political posturing from the left.

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"attend schools closer to home"
"review of all programs and central office costs"
"wants more involvement from parents in school based decision making for curriculum, teaching styles"

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


One would think that the Raleigh Chamber would represent and serve the interests of Raleigh and greater Wake County businesses. Indeed they note on their website:

Build a thriving regional economy. The Chamber is an active partner in driving the region’s economic growth and global competitiveness by:

  • Serving as the catalyst and convener for regional economic development and collaboration.
  • Attracting businesses to the area that contribute to our economy’s innovation, vibrancy, and prosperity, and supporting business retention and expansion throughout the Greater Raleigh area.
  • Actively marketing Wake County to targeted industries as the best place for business, and supporting regional marketing initiatives.
  • Building a strong, diverse pipeline of talent through recruitment, development, and retention programs and services.

But recent actions this year suggest a different path:

 — The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce invited Ben & Jerry's CEO Matthew McCarthy to speak to local business leaders in an effort to discuss corporate activism at a time of social unrest.


At a time when many downtown Raleigh businesses have suffered immensely from the violence emanating from the Black Lives Matter movement, the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce promotes it. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020


We appreciate that WakeUp Wake County Board of Education member Roxie Cash openly acknowledges it's about power. 

Friday, July 10, 2020


Remember this photo

It made the Wake County progressive community hysterical

Wake County Board of Commissioners Chairman Greg Ford referred to it as a "rocket launcher."

So what happened here? Pretty simple. The gentleman followed the law while carrying a weapon. He went into the Subway shop on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh. As the picture presents, he pulled out cash. He presumably bought a sandwich. He gave the Subway shop business. He gave them money. They gave him a product. Everyone is happy. 

Okay, so it looks a little odd. A lot of stuff around Raleigh looks odd the last month. But nothing illegal or dangerous. 

But what didn't make the progressive community hysterical? 

Countless buildings and businesses vandalized and destroyed. Among those? 

That same Subway shop. The one the gentleman with the "rocket launcher" patronized. 

He gave them business. The Black Lives Matter allies of the Wake County progressive cause gave the same Subway shop $80,000 in damages. They also put people who desperately need a job at this time out of work.

We would be willing to bet if Mr. Rocket Launcher and his friends had patronized the Subway that night the owner would still have his business open ... and would have had some paying customers as well.