Saturday, May 21, 2022


Wake County just held their primary elections for North Carolina Republican Party candidates. Fortunately for Wake County Board of Education candidate Chad Stall, North Carolina provides numerous methods if the citizen cannot vote in person. 

Why is that important for Chad Stall? He currently faces a trespass order for his own voting location - Douglas Elementary School. He's legally not allowed on the property - to vote or even campaign at his own precinct. 

How did Chad Stall vote? He voted during the early voting period. 

Sunday, January 30, 2022



Let's review content expressed by Jim Goodmon's Capitol Broadcasting Company's editorial:

"Berating, belittling, cursing and threatening. Seeing and hearing it from audiences has become all-too-common at local government meetings – particularly at local school boards.

It is the kind of behavior we’re sure -- if any of those speakers saw it on a visit to a public school among students or teachers – would ignite justifiable shock and concern for decorum and safety."

"... many who speak at public meetings are belligerent and threatening toward the elected to local board and commission members as well as to the professional administrators and even classroom teachers."

We'll take the bait and accept Goodmon/WRAL's standard for proper decorum at public meetings. 

We'll also go down memory lane to 2010 ...

N&O - March 3, 2010

Clyde Smith - Raleighwood blog

Clyde Smith - Raleighwood blog

You can also see both current Wake County Board of Education member Jim Martin and Wake County Commissioner Susan Evans yelling and shutting down a Wake County Board of Education meeting here

Great Schools in Wake (WakeUp Wake County) were also escorted out of a NC Senate Committee meeting. 

You can also view Yevonne Brannon disrupting a Wake County Board of Education meeting here

Let's not forget that former Wake County Board of Education member Kevin Hill promised to "stir up the pot against the majority."


More of Wake County Commissioner Susan Evans singing and yelling to shut down Wake County Board of Education meetings here

Let's not forget about former Wake County Board of Education Chairman Keith Sutton: 

"In an interview Tuesday, Prickett said that at the closed-session discussion Sept. 24 on firing Tata, Sutton had told the GOP members that he and the Democratic members were going to kick your asses.” The next day, Prickett said, Sutton got out of his seat, leaned over toward Goldman, clenched his fists and loudly said to her, Shut the (expletive) up!” (emphasis added)


“He asked whether he was singled out as the only African-American male on the board.”


News & Observer - October 24, 2012

"At Tuesday's meeting, Sutton wore a #BlackLivesMatter shirt as he mentioned his near arrest at a July 2010 board meeting in which Raleigh Police arrested 16 people inside the board meeting room. Sutton had waded into the crowd, which was protesting the school board's efforts to end busing for diversity, in what he said was an attempt to defuse the situation."

News & Observer - December 17, 2014

 Jim Goodmon has financially supported the chaos creation antics of WakeUp Wake County. WRAL - ideological hypocrites. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022


Mayor Baldwin on babies ...


Mayor Baldwin on Betty White/pets ...

Thursday, January 6, 2022


And Raleigh spent millions to open up Fayetteville Street for vehicular traffic when it had pedestrian use for decades ...