Sunday, July 19, 2020


We appreciate that WakeUp Wake County Board of Education member Roxie Cash openly acknowledges it's about power. 

Friday, July 10, 2020


Remember this photo

It made the Wake County progressive community hysterical

Wake County Board of Commissioners Chairman Greg Ford referred to it as a "rocket launcher."

So what happened here? Pretty simple. The gentleman followed the law while carrying a weapon. He went into the Subway shop on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh. As the picture presents, he pulled out cash. He presumably bought a sandwich. He gave the Subway shop business. He gave them money. They gave him a product. Everyone is happy. 

Okay, so it looks a little odd. A lot of stuff around Raleigh looks odd the last month. But nothing illegal or dangerous. 

But what didn't make the progressive community hysterical? 

Countless buildings and businesses vandalized and destroyed. Among those? 

That same Subway shop. The one the gentleman with the "rocket launcher" patronized. 

He gave them business. The Black Lives Matter allies of the Wake County progressive cause gave the same Subway shop $80,000 in damages. They also put people who desperately need a job at this time out of work.

We would be willing to bet if Mr. Rocket Launcher and his friends had patronized the Subway that night the owner would still have his business open ... and would have had some paying customers as well. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020


Amidst the ongoing criminal investigation of former Raleigh City Council Member Saige Martin, Wake Watch discovered an interesting tidbit of information relating to our previous post concerning his residency. 

While the N&O article referenced an apartment as a possible residence, his legal paperwork with the Wake County Board of Elections listed his residence as 117 Hillcrest Road in Raleigh. Wake County records list that home as owned by William Holdsworth Moore. 

Wake County Register of Deeds' records also show Saige Martin as married to the same William Holdsworth Moore. Saige Martin also voted using this address as his primary residence in the March 2020 Democratic primary. 

We found no records indicating any separation or divorce agreements on file at the Wake County Courthouse concerning Saige or William. 

Many questions surrounding his residency ... 

Saturday, June 27, 2020


This story is in development so stay tuned for updates. Also this story does not concern the serious sexual assault allegations made against Saige Martin. 

Please note the following portion of Anna Johnson's story.

The story references an incident that occurred on July 27, 2019. The story references that the incident took place in Saige's apartment - apparently in the same building as a restaurant where the incident began. Saige said he needed to go upstairs to his apartment to let his dogs out. Fair to think this is Saige's primary residence. The story does not detail the location of the restaurant/apartment.

Note the date - July 27, 2019

What was happening in Saige's life at that point? He had just filed to run for the Raleigh City Council. 

His notice of candidacy lists his address as 117 Hillcrest Road as of July 9, 2019. The home is located just off Hillsborough Street in the Cameron Park area. Not an apartment and not a cheap home either. Also it's not his home. 

His current voter registration also shows him living at 117 Hillcrest Road.

Voter records show him also voting in the March 3, 2020 Democratic primary - presumably at this address. 

Where does he actually live? 

One of many questions surrounding Saige Martin.