Sunday, March 12, 2017


Yesterday's N&O featured a letter by former WakeUp Wake County Board of Education Chairman and forced busing/social experimentation on black kids advocate Kevin Hill.

The topic? Tony Tata.

Social experimenter Kevin Hill responded to an article in the March 4, 2017 News & Observer about Tata's current vocation as an author "turning out fictional tough guys."

Note the nuanced language that social experimenter Kevin Hill uses:

"Party politics played no role." Kevin Hill blended truth into his larger lie. Party politics would involve Republican versus Democrat. We'll grant him that. 

WakeUp Wake County Board of Education elections and policies have never centered around party politics. The real politics has between Wake County families battling against WakeUp Wake County, magnet boosters and forced busing advocates who constantly reassigned their children in the name of a failed forced busing/social experimentation policy. 

Of course, Mr. Hill cleverly nuances his words. 

Let's look at the actual truth. 

In 2011 WakeUp Wake County advocates led a successful charge to retake ideological control of the WakeUp Wake County Board of Education. Before Susan "the singing CPA" Evans, Christine "Science and Math" Kushner and Jim "the Great Oz" Martin began their term and were still part of the WakeUp Wake County chaos creation, something interested was happening. Kevin Hill was blind carbon copying those three in his official WakeUp Wake County Board of Education communications. 

Take a look at the above document again. See anyone else who WakeUp Wake County Board of Education member Kevin Hill copied? Yes, none other than Great Schools in Wake Chairman Yevonne Brannon. Kevin Hill thought by blind carbon copying Brannon he could avoid public transparency and hide his ongoing coordination with WakeUp Wake County. 

But that of course is what liars do.