Sunday, August 7, 2016



exciting; stirring: 

Last week we revisited Jessica Holmes' ongoing inspiration with the "Rev." William "John 2:16" Barber.

It seems she's not the only WakeUp Wake County Commissioner inspired by the likes of William Barber's chaos creation crew.

Add John Burns to the list.

Not familiar with the "Rev." Curtis Gatewood? Wake County residents are.

Gatewood has served in various roles with the NC NAACP over the years - from head of the Durham NAACP to 2nd Vice Chair of the NC NAACP. He's also been the coalition coordinator for the NC NAACP's annual HKONJ rally

He prominently came on the Wake County scene in 2010, when the NAACP, in concert with groups like WakeUp Wake County, led massive protests - disrupting Wake County Board of Education meetings and creating a hostile environment. 

He has seen fit to have himself arrested on numerous occasions within Wake County also. 

(Raleigh Public Record - March 5, 2010)

(WTVD - March 5, 2010)

His disruptions also led to his arrest at a July 20, 2010 Wake County Board of Education meeting. You can watch the video here at the 1:32 spot. 

Most recently Curtis Gatewood appeared at a Black Lives Matter rally in Raleigh's Moore Square, where he labeled Raleigh's Police Department a terrorist organization:

"Don't talk to me about being tough on terror if you have a terrorist group who's still here today, still infiltrating the police department and still murdering black people."
(Curtis Gatewood - July 8, 2016)

Wake County residents long ago grew tired of the this hateful and divisive chaos creation rhetoric and activities. But John Burns finds it "rousing."