Friday, July 29, 2016


Two years ago we profiled how WakeUp Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes was "inspired" by the "Rev." William "John 2:16" Barber:

“I am one of thousands inspired by the fervent speeches of Rev. William Barber and other speakers at “Moral Monday.” The movement has garnered national attention, compelled hundreds to engage in civil disobedience and exposed retrogressive policies forced upon us by a runaway General Assembly. I have yelled, “always forward and not one step back” with the masses and sang old spiritual hymns while holding hands with new friends on Halifax Mall.”

Jessica Holmes, Letter to the Editor (News and Observer, July 24, 2013)

And there she was again at Thursday night's proceedings of the Democrat National Convention in Philly, still "inspired" by William Barber and still possessing the paternalistic progressivism she had just three short years ago.