Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Yesterday we reviewed the hysteria created by Wake County's progressive community and elected officials concerning HB2. We also pointed out the hypocrisy. 

We continue with that today. 

Let's start with Mayor McDowntown's own lofty denunciation of HB2: 

Mayor Mcfarlane is proud to stand with her transgender allies in Raleigh and in solidarity with Charlotte's "bathroom" ordinance.

And of course the local LGBT community has chimed in: 

So the question arises, what legal ordinances govern the use of bathroom facilities within the City of Raleigh? Sec. 13-2015. speaks to that: 

"it shall be unlawful for a member of one sex to enter or use a facility provided for members of the opposite sex."

Maybe when the local left quits using this issue as a whipping boy to attack Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor McCrory, they can head a few blocks down to Hargett Street to address the hard core transphobic bigotry found there. 

Maybe Tim Giuliani and the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce can issue a statement condemning Raleigh's intolerance and bigotry. They won't - because they're hypocrites. The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce only condemns local government when it comes to neighborhood schools