Sunday, January 3, 2016


Recently the News & Observer ran a story entitled "Meet a new generation of Triangle leaders."

Essentially it profiled some Triangle area millennials. 

Among those individuals it profiled was Tim Giuliani - CEO of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. 

Notable quotes by Giuliani were: 

“The world continues to change, and I want to make sure that the chamber is on the cutting edge and will be as relevant tomorrow as it is today,” Giuliani said.

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“It doesn’t matter what the issue is; the community long-term is going to be better off with more informed leaders,” Giuliani said.

When the News & Observer asked Giuliani for his "wish list" for the region, he replied:

"One is a functional, regional, state-of-art transit system. Second, more corporate headquarters. Third is a Stanley Cup. Fourth, keeping the unemployment rate somewhere between 4 and 5 percent, meaning that despite what the global economy wants to throw at us, we’re diversified and innovative to the point that we continue to have a strong economy. And then, fifth, is the expansion of the convention center and the supporting amenities in downtown Raleigh.”

1. Transit
2. Corporate headquarters 
3. "Stanley Cup"
4. keeping the unemployment rate somewhere between 4 and 5 percent. 
5. Expansion of the convention center and the supporting amenities in downtown Raleigh. 

Interesting list. He's only been here eight short months in Raleigh. 

Enough time to understand how citizens and his membership base utilizes transportation options? 

More corporate headquarters? He talks about diversification to avoid what the fluctuations a global economy throws at us. That would perhaps entail more small and mid size businesses - not national and international corporations whose employment may be governed by national and international trends. But that's more of a passing gesture. 

A Stanley Cup? Oh goodie - exactly what Raleigh businesses need to grow and prosper. 

And the piece de la resistance? Dumping more hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into downtown Raleigh. 

The article also notes that:

"At Guiliani’s request, the chamber has convened a task force that, with the help of a consultant, is engaged in an across-the-board assessment of the organization."

Good idea. Maybe that assessment should begin with him and his vision. The Raleigh Chamber's track record could stand much improvement as well. 

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