Friday, January 15, 2016


US Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz sparked attention recently when he made the following remarks directed at Donald Trump preceding the South Carolina Republican primary debate:

there are many, many wonderful, wonderful working men and women in the state of New York, but everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro- gay-marriage, [and] focus around money and the media.”

And where does former Raleigh Mayor and current NC Labor Commissioner candidate stand on those from up north who have moved to North Carolina and brought their values with them? 

Meeker and other critics of the Republican board members have on more than one occasion accused them of being outsiders and made fun of three of them having lived in New Jersey.

N&O - October 9, 2010

And Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker referred to the board majority as "people who are not from the area, who don’t share our values."

News & Observer - June 24, 2010

And what "carpetbagger" values was Mayor Charles Meeker referencing? Neighborhood schools. Yes, Charles Meeker joined forces with the NAACP's Rev. William Barber to support using Wake County's children and their families as pawns in a failed socio-economic diversity experiment. 

Even the current Wake County Board of Education - hardcore forced diversity busing supporters - knows how wildly unpopular returning to the old system is in Wake County. 

But not for Charles Meeker. All you families in Wake County and throughout North Carolina who moved here from up north - go away. He doesn't want your "values" here.