Monday, January 21, 2019


Over the last few months it's been interesting to see several news headlines appear. 

Let's run through them:

“Discipline is a challenging issue for every school system in this country,” school board vice chairman Jim Martin said in an interview after Tuesday’s policy committee meeting. “Doing it the way we’ve always done it ‘ain’t working.’

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"Suspensions have a very poor efficacy rate," Wake County Public Schools System board member Dr. Jim Martin said. "If suspensions worked, you would not see repeat suspensions...We want discipline that maximizes learning that changes behavior."

ABC News 11 - 11-13-18


N&O - 11-23-18


Fair Enough. If something doesn't work, don't do it. But that's not the driving reason here. It's just that the concept of police officers and school suspensions doesn't meet with the ideological bent of the Wake County School System. 

Case in point? A recent article about busing for diversity:

"Now some are suggesting a way to reduce school closings because of inclement weather: break up the system. With smaller districts, they say, students would be closer to their schools and transportation decisions would be based on local road conditions, rather than conditions on the other side of the county.

But all that said, smaller is not better for the Wake school system. It’s big to serve a big idea — public schools should be integrated."

Shall we talk about diverse schools? No evidence it improves academic performance whatsoever. It sure sounds galant however. And it sure does serve as the ideological backbone of the Wake County Board of Education. 

Never studied after all these years by the WCPSS and no plans to do so. Ideological bigotry at its finest. 

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