Friday, November 2, 2018


We knew this was coming. The Wake County progressive community would come after John Adcock for campaigning on student assignments. 

"Adock opposes needless mandatory student reassignments that disrupt local families."

Here's what WakeUp Wake County and the left have said today: 

Sydney Batch, Adcock's opponent, had this to say:

“School reassignment is the responsibility of the Wake County school board, not the state legislature,” Batch, a Democrat and attorney from Holly Springs, said in a statement. “It is disappointing that John Adcock either doesn’t know that or, worse, he is willfully misleading his constituents about what he can do as a state representative.

- News & Observer, 11-1-18

And Kris Nordstrom, a lackey at the NC Justice Center, played the race card:

Nordstrom said the Republican-led legislature has also shown its willingness to step on local governments when it disagrees with their actions.

“They can use state power to maintain segregated schools for their rich white constituencies,” Nordstrom said.

- News & Observer, 11-1-18

Sydney Batch would not say publicly what all her allies on the left are saying regarding their support of a failed socio-economic diversity program in Wake County that treated black children as pawns. But don't let her silence fool you. 

But let's take their bait on criticizing Adcock on injecting a local issue into a state legislative race. 

Frankly, as a former employee at the NC General Assembly, we're surprised at Nordstrom's ignorance of legislative matters. Part of a legislator's duties is not only supporting good legislation, but also stopping bad legislation

And what would he have to stop? Perhaps this effort by Sydney Batch and Wake County Democrats. 

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Yes, Wake County Democrats want to amend state law to:

"Mandate economic and racial diversity in public schools"

"Provide for the removal of school board members if they have violated state law."

"Allow for recall elections for school board members"

John Adcock would likely call this "needless mandatory student reassignments." And the constituents in his district would very much agree with him. 

Want to know why this is a legislative issue that John Adcock would campaign on?

Ask the Wake County Democratic Party. They're the ones who made it one in the first place.