Monday, May 1, 2017


April turned out to be a stellar month for WakeUp Wake County as it increased its control over the Raleigh City Council. 

1. Karen Rindge, Executive Director of WakeUp Wake County, appointed to the Raleigh Transit Authority. She joins WakeUp Wake County Vice Chair Veronica Alcine who serves on Raleigh's Planning Commission. 

2. Raleigh celebrates WakeUp Wake County's efforts to push through a regressive tax increase on South Park residents for a flawed transit system. 

3. The City of Raleigh serves as a "Community Champion" for WakeUp Wake County's leftist progressive agenda. And how does one become a Community Champion?

4. You take $2500 from Raleigh taxpayers and give it to them. 

Again - stellar month for WakeUp Wake County as they further exert their control over the City of Raleigh.