Thursday, March 2, 2017


Over the last month, the education establishment has heralded a single statistic from the principal at Carroll Middle School. 

"MacWilliams said she visits the homes of all of her students because it helps her connect with parents and teachers on a deeper level, It’s something she has been doing since she was an elementary school teacher in Wilmington."

“As many home visits as I have done, I’ve never left a home visit disappointed.”

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Let's look at some other statistics:

Actual student performance?

At or above grade level at Carroll Middle School? Only 54.1%. Almost half of the school is not performing at or above grade level. 

School safety? 

And to think, 98.9 percent of the Carroll Middle School teachers are "highly qualified."

We'll acknowledge that she's only been the principle since July 2015, but let's look at some real education statistics and have a sober conversation about the actual students at this school.