Sunday, December 4, 2016


First the background:

"This is step one and you best believe steps two and three will be following. This is just the beginning of our work towards worker's rights and our work towards women’s equality."

- Jessica Holmes, Wake County Board of Commissioners meeting - November 7, 2016

“I am one of thousands inspired by the fervent speeches of Rev. William Barber and other speakers at “Moral Monday.” The movement has garnered national attention, compelled hundreds to engage in civil disobedience and exposed retrogressive policies forced upon us by a runaway General Assembly. I have yelled, “always forward and not one step back” with the masses and sang old spiritual hymns while holding hands with new friends on Halifax Mall.” 
- Jessica Holmes, Letter to the Editor (News and Observer, July 24, 2013) 

Over the last week, the national left has become apocalyptic that Donald Trump took a phone call from the Taiwanese President. It threatened the future of the entire free world. 

Naturally, WakeUp Wake County Commissioner John "just four pizzas" Burns chimed in:

Yes, United States elected officials interacting with Taiwan risks global thermonuclear war. It's paramount that we show proper courtesy to China and its national leadership. 

Which takes us to a trip made by WakeUp Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes as part of a delegation of elected officials to Taiwan to meet with governmental and cultural leaders there. 

Of course, you can see from the post that it's loaded up with an assortment of likes from the WakeUp Wake County progressive left cheering on her visit and interaction with Taiwanese elected officials. 

The visit to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was also a nice touch of reverence to the Chinese government. 

Of course John Burns reminds us that it's paramount we show proper respect to the Chinese government. 

But our own when traveling as an elected official visiting from the United States of America? 

"It crossed my mind, but I'll be back."

So WakeUp Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes was "1 of 10 young leaders across the U.S. chosen to represent my country." Not even off the plane and she takes to trashing the next President of the United States of America. Nice protocol. 

"America is OUR country and one 
election cannot change that."

We're sorry Jessica that you are under the mistaken notion that you, William Barber, John Burns and the entire Immoral Monday movement have ownership of this country. But keep the narrative going. Don't forget to remind Wake County families who want community schools they are racists as well.