Monday, December 19, 2016


Unless you've been on another planet for the last week, you've likely read, heard or watched something about the "evil" Republicans at the NC General Assembly. They did something that threatened the very fabric of our state, nation and world. It sparked "true" outrage from the left - resulting in protests and ultimately arrests from folks locally who were so passionate about transparency and the public will of the voters. 

So, let's talk about their outrage. For twelve plus years, those same leftists worked in concert with City of Raleigh elected officials and Dix Park Conservancy folks, outside of the public eye, to push for the establishment of a park on the Dorothea Dix property. 

Even the City of Raleigh noted that they conducted not one public hearing on this issue. 

We had an initial $58 million purchase that was negotiated over the course of several years with absolutely no public hearing. Over 197 pages of closed session minutes with absolutely no concern. The final cost of this project remains to be determined but will easily run over $100 million. 

Leftist agitprops like Yevonne Brannon - who appeared at the General Assembly last week (in the middle of the day - not dark of night) to protest this outrageous action, remained silent during the Dix negotiations that were done behind closed doors. 

She also criticized the hiring of Wake County Public School System Superintendent Tony Tata for being "secretive":

“The relentless pattern of secretive behavior by the Board Majority is simply appalling,” said Yevonne Brannon, Chair, Great Schools in Wake Coalition. “In past superintendent searches, parents, students, teachers, community leaders and elected officials all had the opportunity to meet with prospective finalists."

Great Schools in Wake Coalition press release, 12-23-10

Of course, she silenced her criticism when her hypocritical bigotry was made clear. 

Once again, the Wake County progressive left's principled talk is nothing more than political maneuvering and about power. Don't be fooled.