Friday, November 4, 2016


He just can't bring himself to use the words "neighborhood schools" in his campaign material. Instead he toes the Susan "the singing CPA" Evans line of stability. Yes, the WakeUp Wake County Board of Education can ship/assign your child to a school that greatly inconveniences your family, but at least it will be stable. 

Gary Lewis is all excited for his 54.2% Coalition endorsement. He and Bill Fletcher are the only Republicans on this list:

Progressive labor union endorsements:

Chaos Creation Leader Roxie Cash speaks:

Chaos Creation Leader Jim "the Great Oz" Martin speaks:

(Consider your endorsement shared.)

Gary Lewis joyous over The Great Oz's endorsement:

Gary Lewis hanging out with his "Republican" buddies:

More Gary Lewis hanging out with his "Republican" buddies:

Let's not forget the cash he received from his "Republican" buddies:

Endorsed by the News & Observer and encouraged to run by the Singing CPA

And the Piece de Resistance? 

Word is he's been hanging out with the Singing CPA during early voting:

Apparently he refuses to state who he voted for in the 2011 contest between Ron Margiotta and the Singing CPA. We think it's self-evident. 

He has no social media posts about attending any type of Republican meeting, supper club, etc. 

And he wonders why he didn't receive the endorsement of the Wake County Republican Party. Nobody else does.