Thursday, August 11, 2016


Colin Campbell, state government reporter for the News & Observer, authored a August 11, 2016 article on politicians who block others on social media. 

While the article focused on politicians from both sides of the aisle who block others on Twitter, one individual caught our attention. 

Jessica Holmes

To her credit she hasn't blocked us on Twitter yet. 

Her response to blocking individuals on Twitter intrigued us. 

“I’m happy to engage in respectful dialogue with constituents via as many means as possible, including via social media,” Holmes said. “However, honestly, I have found that engaging professional trolls who focus on attacking for the sake of consternation rather than working to find solutions is not productive.”

News & Observer - August 11, 2016

This is the same Jessica Holmes who, in July 24, 2013 N&O letter to the editor, stated:

“I am one of thousands inspired by the fervent speeches of Rev. William Barber and other speakers at “Moral Monday.” The movement has garnered national attention, compelled hundreds to engage in civil disobedience and exposed retrogressive policies forced upon us by a runaway General Assembly. I have yelled, “always forward and not one step back” with the masses and sang old spiritual hymns while holding hands with new friends on Halifax Mall.”

We think we understand now how Jessica Holmes defines "respectful dialogue."

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