Monday, June 27, 2016


WakeUP Wake County's own Dr. Seuss, WakeUp Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson sure does like to travel. And it seems he sure does like to do it on the county's dime (uh I mean four pizzas). 

We've included data from Wake County's "Wake Watch" portal - where you can view county spending online. 

Please note that the data below is only up to date for February 2016 and does not reflect WakeUp Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson's jet-setting since then. It's likely increased. 

No other WakeUp Wake County Commissioner comes close to rivaling Sig Hutchinson's travel costs at $3,247. We are also intrigued by $991 in office supplies incurred by Wake County Commissioner James West. Could be legit, but looks odd. Even John Burns has only billed the county $70 with Matt Calabria not far behind at $79. 

For that price you could spend 14 days on a cruise ship traveling between Spain and Greek Isles. 

As we said, his travel costs have likely increased since February. We'll post updates and further details as we get them. 

Of course it's just four pizzas