Monday, June 20, 2016


David Diaz of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance has become yet another booster of a transit plan that will have no tangible effect on traffic congestion but will saddle Wake County residents with billions of dollars in taxes. He serves on the Transit Advisory Committee

It harkens us back to comments he made concerning the City of Raleigh's Museum and its financial woes. 
"The nonprofit group that ran the 19-year-old history museum had long struggled to raise enough money, Burton said. When it asked the city for an emergency $15,000 to fix the broken cooling system last year, city leaders began looking for a more sustainable way to manage the museum.
The city has the personnel and the programming to take the museum to the next level, said David Diaz, CEO of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, a nonprofit that promotes downtown. 
Diaz helped research management alternatives and joined in recommending that the city take control, a plan the city council approved in June. Here you have somebody who can really sink their teeth into it, and not worry about if they're going to make budget, he said."
News and Observer - September 11, 2012
Again - he said "Here you have somebody who can really sink their teeth into it, and not worry about if they're going to make budget."
Already the costs for Wake County Transit Planning have experienced significant overruns - requiring additional funding from Wake County taxpayers. 

Yet we are supposed to take at face value the cost and ridership projections currently being presented to us? 

Of course when you don't have to "worry if they're going to make budget" then it's no big deal. Just saddle Wake taxpayers with even greater debt. 
David Diaz makes approximately $208,000 for his efforts to promote spending hundreds of millions of dollars in downtown Raleigh. 
The downtown Raleigh Alliance is funded in part by the City of Raleigh.

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