Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Where's my money?" comes from a line made famous by Pizza The Hut in the 1980s classic Spaceballs. 

WakeUp Wake County Board of Education member Bill Fletcher echoed those sentiments recently when he stated

“I want to see the green,” school board member Bill Fletcher said at Wednesday’s facilities committee meeting. “That’s all I’m concerned about. They can fund it any way they want to.”

News & Observer - April 13, 2016

"I want to see the green"
"That's all I'm concerned about."
"They can fund it any way they want to."

And this man is in charge of signing off on Superintendent Merrill's proposed $1.5 billion budget for the Wake County Public School System - which includes a requested $35.7 million increase on top of last year's record $44.6 million. 

Just give me the money says Bill Fletcher. Raise taxes, uses more expensive options other than General Obligation bonds, etc. He doesn't care. Just give him the money. 

Gives you a lot of confidence in those overseeing Wake County's finances doesn't it? 

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