Saturday, February 13, 2016


I recently submitted a public information request related to the Wake County Public School System and its Office of Equity Affairs. It consisted of the following requests:

1. A copy of all training materials used by Rodney Trice and the Office of Equity Affairs.
2. What categories/groups of WCPSS employees has the Office of Equity Affairs/Mr. Trice trained?
3. How many employees have received training?
4. What is the full budget for the Office of Equity Affairs for the current fiscal year. I am also seeking a breakdown of budget items for the Office of Equity Affairs also.
5. What is the sum total of funds expended on the Office of Equity Affairs since Mr. Trice began his employment with the WCPSS.
6. Since Mr. Trice began employment with the WCPSS, I am seeking copies of any reports or memos prepared by Mr. Trice of the Office of Equity Affairs for the WCPSS.

Here are the results of that request. 

The total of funds spent by Equity Affairs in 2014-2015 was $249,854.06. 
The sum expended so far this fiscal year is $184,425.92.