Thursday, February 18, 2016


That's the implication by Wake County's own Dr. Seuss - Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson

On Tuesday, February 16th, Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson appeared before the Raleigh City Council to voice his support for yet another multi-million dollar money dump in downtown Raleigh. 

After going through his Dale Carnegie choreographed Dr. Seuss routine, he proceeded to receive skeptical questions from a number of Raleigh City Council members. 

Most notable in her skepticism was Raleigh City Council member Kay Crowder:

Kay Crowder: "Sig I have a question for you. Did you bring the county checkbook with you today?" 
Sig Hutchinson: "We're working on that councilor. Talk to the Mayor about that."

Watch the video here. 55:10 into the video. 

So Sig is working on bringing the county checkbook into the bike share program? Apparently he's talked to Mayor McDowntown about that. 

Unfortunately this is an ongoing pattern with the WakeUp Wake County Commissioners since January 2015. Wake County taxpayers are kept in the dark on an array of issues - living wages, transgender ordinances, etc. until they bring them forward for a vote. 

Will bike share be next? 

Perhaps Dr. Seuss would like to clarify his remarks about what he means with "working on that" in relation to questions concerning the county checkbook. What conversation is he having with other WakeUp Wake County Commissioners or Raleigh City Council Members?

Perhaps Just Four Pizzas John would like to chime in.