Monday, February 15, 2016


Dumping yet hundreds of thousands of dollars more into downtown Raleigh fits in with the WakeUp Wake County Board of Commissioners and Sig Hutchinson's 2016 priorities:

We don't see Sig Hutchinson going to a Raleigh City Council meeting to advocate on behalf of South Park do we? Maybe he can drink a latte on Fayetteville Street and talk about his priorities to care for them. 

What would another $645,000 initially allocated for Bike Share do for South Park and Southeast Raleigh? Probably quite a lot. 

But that's not where Green Jeans' heart lies. He's set on raising sales taxes for this poverty stricken African American community for an ineffectual transit system that will have no beneficial effect on their community. 

His colleagues on the Raleigh City Council have subsidized the RLine - providing free bus fare for white Drunktowners while raising fares on poor African American Raleigh citizens in Southeast Raleigh.

News & Observer, August 13, 2014

Total cost allocated for the RLine route in 2015 was $936,347.  The cost works out to $4.74 per rider.

Yes, close to $5 a per person subsidy while poor African Americans are subject to fare increases. 

Rather Green Jeans wants to use transit as part of the WakeUP Wake County Board of Commissioner's underlying priority of using poor African-American children as pawns in an ongoing failed social diversity experiment. 

Sig may talk a good game via paper priorities. In his heart, he's a hypocrite.