Tuesday, December 22, 2015


In November local parent Kay Walker formally contacted the Wake County Public School System concerning the book Amityville. The book is known as a "Jr. Graphic Ghost Story." Her concerns stemmed from the fact that her first grader had checked out the book. The above photos come from pages within the book. 

Most Americans, at least those in their 40s or older, know of the Amityville story. The house at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville was the site of gruesome murders and ongoing stories and investigations of demonic possession. It became the subject of endless stories, books and a major motion picture. Those that have seen the movie know it makes grown adults uneasy and certainly would be completely off limits to any child. 

But yet a "Jr. Graphic Ghost Story" book on Amityville found its way on to the shelves of Lake Myra's Elementary School library. Kay Walker stated:

“It was talking about a man who murders his family and shows a man walking with his shotgun going to his parents and his sister and brother,” said Walker.

Walker hopes the book will be taken off of all shelves in Wake County Schools.
“When you stare at an image of a man shooting his family, that gets in your head, whether or not you know if it’s wrong or right,” she said.
Once Kay Walker brought this to the attention of school officials it should have been a no-brainer. Simply take the book off the shelf. 
Instead she received this notice: 

A group of teachers, parents, the library media coordinator, instructional technology coordinator and the principal came to a consensus that this book was acceptable for a first grader. 

We doubt they have a Bible in the library at Lake Myra. That might pose a problem. 

Superintendent Merrill seems to be at a loss as to why so many parents are choosing homeschool, charter or private schools for their children in Wake County. We aren't. This issue should have grabbed the attention of Superintendent Merrill and the Wake County Board of Education when it first was brought to the school system's attention. It did not. The book has instead received the "blessing" of Superintendent Merrill and the Wake County Public School System. 

We're just wondering when the Lake Myra Elementary School library will feature this in companion with the book in the audio-visual room.